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Below are the Best Home Elliptical Trainers that have made the EH Best Buy List. In our opinion, based on a combination of personal use as well as consumer consensus, these are the Best Elliptical Trainers in their categories based on price and performance. This in turn equates to very good value.

Smooth Fitness CE 7.4 5 Star Rating   Smooth CE 7.4 Review

Smooth CE 7.4 Elliptical Trainer

A stalwart of the Smooth CE line of value class home ellipticals, the CE 7.4 is the original "Big Daddy" of Smooth Fitness ellipticals. Its frame design is rock solid for ultra-stability and combined with a heavy flywheel and 21" stride length, the CE 7.4 delivers extreme smoothness in a very rugged package. It's a light commercial-grade elliptical that can handle above average home use.

If you're over 350lbs and/or expect to use your elliptical daily or even several times a day with multiple users, then you may want to consider stepping up to the Smooth CE8.0 LC elliptical (reviewed below).

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MSRP: $3297.00   Average Sale Price: $1499.00 smooth ce7.4 elliptical reviews

Sole E95 Five Star Rating    Sole E95 Review

Sole e95 Elliptical Trainer

The Sole E95 is an extremely well-designed and well-built residential elliptical trainer. Sole Fitness puts a lot of research into designing their fitness equipment and they came up with a real beauty in the E95.

Though we're not huge fans of front-drive elliptical trainers due to the more complex design and maintenance issues with the rollers, we think Sole has done an admirable job in making these issues almost non-existant. The 4-roller design reduces the annoying squeak and side-to-side wobble of older front-drive models.

A regular application of lubricant to the rails is still required to keep things running smoothly and quietly, but this is just part of any routine maintenance plan that's required with any piece of home fitness equipment that has moving parts, whether it happens to be a front or rear drive elliptical.

Sole ellipticals also received some nice upgrades since first being introduced, which indicates that Sole is not content to rest on their laurels and that they continue to strive to be a top name in home fitness equipment.

From its long 20" stride length and extremely smooth drive system, to its ergonomic ajustable foot pedals (watch video below), the E95 is about as good as it gets in home ellipticals.

sole fitness e95

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MSRP: $2699.99   Average Sale Price: $1699.99

Smooth Fitness CE 8.0LC 4 Star Rating  Smooth CE 8.0LC

Smooth CE 8.0LC Elliptical Trainer

The Smooth CE 8.0LC was newly introduced in 2011. Positioned as a heavy duty, commercial grade elliptical, it's probably best suited for heavy home use rather than in a gym or health club. We don't think that it could hold up long term in a heavy-use commercial setting, but if you tend towards the heavier end of the scale, and/or really like to punish your fitness equipment on a daily or multi-daily schedule, then the CE 8.0LC should fit the bill nicely.

Just be aware that its larger footprint is going to take up more floor space, so if things are tight in your home workout area, then be sure to measure carefully and remember that ellipticals require adequate clearance around all sides for best operation and safety.

If you're a typical home user, then the extra cost and size of the CE 8.0LC may be overkill, so consider your needs and usage carefully as you may find that dropping down in class to the Smooth CE 7.4 is the smarter move.

The extra 3 years on the parts warranty (10 years) might also be a deciding factor, but we still consider the Smooth 7-Year warranty on the CE 7.4 to be quite generous and is superior to most of their competitors.

MSRP: $3999.00    Average Sale Price: $1599.00

Smooth Fitness CE 3.6 4 Star Rating   Smooth CE 3.6

Smooth CE 3.2 Elliptical Trainer

The Smooth CE 3.6 is a replacement model to the CE 3.2 elliptical trainer in the Smooth value class of home ellipticals. Like the model it replaces, the CE 3.6 features a sturdy tubular frame for increased stability. It has a backlit LCD display which is actually a downgrade from the LED matrix display on the CE 3.2, but something we can live with since it contributes to keeping the cost down without sacrificing much in the way of functionality.

A nifty upgrade is an iPod docking station, which is a nice feature with iPods now a vital workout accessory these days. Ergonomic pivoting pedals that should help reduce the dreaded "elliptical trainer sleepy foot syndrome" found on models with fixed pedals. We're not much on the built-in fan (we like to sweat), though some users may appreciate it.

The bottom line with any Smooth Fitness machine is the rugged and reliable construction, which means you shouldn't have to worry about structural or electronic failures requiring down time for service calls. The 18" stride length should be fine for most trainees under 6', though we prefer the more generous 21" on the CE 7.4 and CE 8.0LC, but at under $1500 with FREE delivery and lifetime warranties on both the frame and braking system, the CE 3.6 provides a ton of value.

MSRP: $2097.00    Average Sale Price: $1299.00